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Brian From WI wrote:

So, anyone who agrees with or has the same opinion as him are sock puppets?

That's one side of the extreme. The other side is that some people think that they are right and everyone else is stupid. In the end, it's all the same. Someone thinks that their opinion is fact.

Hi Brian - firstly let me say I largely agree with your post, it is also well written and balanced.

But I feel it worth iterating that there is a hard line between opinion and fact at this point - MTF values, vignetting, CA etc - these values are all clearly observable, measurable, repeatable. You can make claims about a lens using these parameters and back them up simply by "showing your work" - the people who carry out this testing can then state their results as fact - which when put into context (taking into account the test methodology and sample diversity (usually 1)) gives us useful knowledge about the lens.

You may then opine to your hearts content about the relevance of the data but the results are objective facts - we need not rely on others opinions, we are all capable of making our own with facts. This is why they are so much more valueable than opinion alone. All TAF offers is opinion*, but (arguably) misrepresents this as fact.

*oh, and the facts he scrapes off the internet from uncredited sources.

To each their own, but I value the input of someone who is transparent about their sources so I may draw my own conclusions far more than someone who expects me to accept theirs as gospel.

Threads like this is a great way to divide people that supposedly came together to share a similar "passion"

TAF is as guilty as anyone for turning debate into argument on this forum with his many accounts. It wasn't until I saw how he behaved here that I lost respect for him. I think that many others here may be the same - I hope that maybe explains why things are so polar about him here?

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