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Re: On Tap...he claims to speak 7 languages including Russian

fishy wishy wrote:

MrScrooge wrote:

Although he isn't sponsored, his biases drastically skew his reviews somewhat tainting them, and his motives are clear. He has established opinions about some of the more controversial aspects of lenses in his previous videos and is now heavily personally invested in defending his position. He also seems to value being perceived as smarter than other people

That rings true enough, and I've only seen one of his videos right through. He also thinks he's clever in succeeding in provoking people, whereas I would think on a Piaget-like scale of personal development, that ranks quite low.

LOL, I just heard his Russian.  If that is the best he can do then he learned a few phrases off the internet and pronounces them with an atrocious accent.

Maybe he could do a full length video in Russian. He could get an entirely new group of followers. How about it Ken. After that you can do some in each of your other 5 non English languages.

Haha, let the excuses begin...

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