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I'll try to be on point of what I think the OP may have intended this to be...

Start with..

So, anyone who agrees with or has the same opinion as him are sock puppets?

That's one side of the extreme.  The other side is that some people think that they are right and everyone else is stupid.  In the end, it's all the same.  Someone thinks that their opinion is fact.

Kind of like at work, the people who complain about not having enough time to do anything are the ones that you always see chit chatting.

Kind of like people who complain about other people's personal attacks, but they are the ones that do it the most.  Just because it's passive aggressive doesn't mean it's not a personal insult.

In the end, It's entertainment value.  He's not for everyone.  I don't know his background, but he seams educated and can talk like he knows what he's talking about.  Yes, he is highly opinionated, any lens that has more than 5 elements is no good in his eyes.

People who don't like his way of talking will insult the guy for talking like he does.  How is most of this thread any different than what he does that you all are complaining about?

If you wade through TAP's stuff, there is some very good, helpful stuff.  You just need to sift through his "BS" to get to it.   Is that description much different from the OP's?

Threads like this is a great way to divide people that supposedly came together to share a similar "passion"

I don't know or care if Marianne is a woman or man.  Anyone see the movie "the people vs larry flint?  There is that part when the religious guy is suing larry flint for slander.  It was dropped because when people say such crazy stuff that is so far in left field that it's not accurate?  I apply that to TAP a lot.

You guys make it out like he is starting a cult or something.  I personally like the 105mm 1.4, but I'm not old school.

I don't know where TAP got his money, but he's got a lot of stuff.  He can talk smart when he isn't repeating himself or ranting.  I'm ADD and can relate to some of that.  Then again, I have pretty thick skin and hold myself to the same standards I hold others to.

In conclusion, I'm not sure if the OP was stirring the pot or wants real discussion on the matter.  So here is my opinion that I tried to type in a  neutral way.

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