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Iain G Foulds wrote:

... Watched a few Tap videos this week. Seems a decent enough fellow- a little lonely- but he does have some worthwhile perspectives on things, offers some good advice, and genuinely tries to share sensible and affordable options. Like, his advice on cleaning equipment was excellent and very conscientious.

... He seems more The Amusing Photographer, than "angry", but they are his videos. And, in the end, even if he is taking a contrary position on a product simply for the sake of attention and fame, he is ultimately serving to bring atttention to, and interest in, the product.

I used to like his videos back when I was bit more ignorant. Most people who are passionate about something usually have something useful to say on the subject - even if it is buried inamongst opinion and pseudo-fact that can be misleading if you don't have the experience to evaluate the quality of information being given.

I would never recommend his channel to a newcomer to photography.

Although he isn't sponsored, his biases drastically skew his reviews somewhat tainting them, and his motives are clear. He has established opinions about some of the more controversial aspects of lenses in his previous videos and is now heavily personally invested in defending his position. He also seems to value being perceived as smarter than other people - and seems to think that quoting random greek philosophy is a means to that end.

These are the motivations behind everything he says (in my opinion) over any ethos of truth, objectiveness, open mindedness or teaching.

One thing that annoys me about the channel is that he loves to say he was the first to cover things but his information is mostly regurgitated content already on the web.

Honestly - his channel doesn't really have much photography content. There's a wee bit of camera body and accessory stuff but it's mostly him banging on about old lenses. If he put the same effort into trying to teach photographic skills I wonder if he would have anything worthwhile to share.

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