Looking to print good quality 8x10 with slim compact camera

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Re: Looking to print good quality 8x10 with slim compact camera

You may want to take a look at the Konica Revio KD-510z, which is also being introduced by Minolta as the Minolta DiMAGE G500.

Some photos from my Konica KD-510z are here:


Another popular subcompact is the Canon Powershot S400. It earned Phil's "Highly Recommended" rating. See Phil's review at this link:


There are others now comparing the new Minolta DiMAGE G500 (a.k.a. Konica Revio KD-510z) to the Canon Powershot S400.

Nyugen (who owns both the Canon Powershot S400 and the Konica Revio KD-510z) has made multiple posts on his impressions. Here are some excerpts from some of them:

"In bright sunlight, both overall tonalities are good, but S400 had a little more chromatic aberration than that of 510Z."

"With indoor flash photo, I got a completely different results compared to what are posted on imaging resource. The skin tone from S400 was always reddish, while 510Z gave a perfect natural color (at least with asian skin!)."

"510Z focus in low light condition is faster, but not much. However, you may take a relative decent picture whenever you want and don't have to wait for the "focused" signal."

"For night scene, KD-510Z seems better with its manual long exposure. I "haven't tried enough on this.

"The auto focus in auto mode is better in KD-510Z than S400 with AIAF on. Changed to manual and both were good. In low light conditions, KD-510Z focused a little faster and more correctly. In total darkness with flash on, AF of KD-510Z in close distance (approx. less than 2m) was great, its fiz distance is also convenient for further distances (2m, 4m)."

Here is an excerpt from one of his "summary" posts on the differences:


"As you might see in my profile, I am now having Canon D60, S400 (actually Digital IXY 400, a Japanese market model) and Konica KD-510Z. I do want to have a pocketable digicam with me all the times and especially in the situations that the bulky D60 and lenses are not appropriate. So, I did not expect everything like complete manual controls, great macro, ... with these little toys. Instead, the true pocketablility, true color reproduction and somewhat good low light focusing are my main concerns. That's the reason why I did not get Sony V1 although it is the best low light focus small digicam around, I guess.

Back to your question regarding S400 and KD-510Z, besides what I have stated in another thread, I should add the followings:

a. The menu of 510Z is much more convenient that I first thought. I have adjusted as Jim's posts and I feel more pleasant now.

b. If I were to choose just one camera among s400 and KD-510Z, to my taste and my need, I would pick KD-510Z because of:

(1) Better low light focus

(2) More options for manual exsposure controls, specially fixed focus ranges really help in various situations.

(3) Overall tonal quality. "

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Also, there is a poster that has owned both the KD-500z (older model) and the Canon Powershot S400.

He said this when asked about the differences:

"Sorry to say that I have already taken my KD500Z back for a refund or otherwise I would take some comparison shots for you. I figured if I had $450 invested in the camera, I might as well have the latest version, and am waiting for the 510/G500 to become available in the USA. I dont think you could go wrong with either camera... There was something about the Konica that was really growing on me... If I could have returned the S400 instead, I would have done that, but I have had it too long to be able to return... I dont think you would be disappointed with the Konica , its an excellent camera! I definately plan on getting the newest model when it becomes available."



Also, it appears that the new Model from Minolta (Minolta DiMAGE G500) is starting to be databased in Merchandise Management Systems in the U.S. Here is a post from a someone letting us know that the new Minolta G500 (same as my Konica KD-510z) is in the computer at Good Guys for $449.00 now:


So, it looks like it will probably hit the stores in the U.S. soon.

mcnrg wrote:

Hi i am new to this and i want a camera that would hopefully fit in
my pocket but be able to take great pics. I already have the
olmypus 4040Z which i will be selling its just too big. I was just
wondering what would be small but still give me excelent pic
quality. I tried to search but nothing really helped


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