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Re: Not me.

daddyo wrote:

You comment is a pretty rash assumption. He has shot and compared the camera -- you have not. And since his work backs up his experience, I'd have to take him at his word at this stage of the game.

He has shot jpgs. And he comments on jpgs, not raw file quality. And I'm not in any way commenting on his work.

Your comment is pure speculation based on a hunch -- but I do not question your right to share your hunch with others.

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No, my expectations are based on experience. There simply is no tremendous progress any more in raw file quality. Based on current technology, we've reached a plateau and no manufacturer on earth is able to achieve ISO 6400 raw file quality at a level last generation's ISO 1600 raw file quality delivered. Nikon can't (the D500 is just 0.2 stops ahead of the D7200), Canon can't and Olympus can't either.

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