The Most Valuable Post on this Fuji Board of All Time....

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The Most Valuable Post on this Fuji Board of All Time....

I am in a posting mood this morning and feeling generous.  So I have decided to benefit mankind by telling everyone exactly what to do. Moderators may use this to answer over one-third of the posts on this great Forum.   Just paste it in....   Therefore, you are likely to see this post 55 times a day as they paste it in to answer 55% of the questions on this board.

This really does answers almost all of the lens questions asked on this forum. What Fuji lens should I get first? Second? Third? Fourth? Fifth?  Should I get the brick?  What about the 35?  Why are they giving away the 18?  I am going on a trip and need to know what two lenses should I carry?  What lens for street?  Landscape?  Blah blah blah....

Many will answer and say, "It is personal preference." Nonsense. It may be personal preference but personal preference should be affected by advice from guys who know the deal.  So here goes. Here are the XF lenses you should own first, second, third, fourth etc... This is in order. This is absolute and may not be argued.  Save your pennies in a jar and when you get enough, buy these great Fuji lenses in this order.   Do not vary the order or you will regret it.

1. 18-55. Everyone's first lens and the base for everything. What a wonderful "kit" lens. Too small, light, sharp and inexpensive not to own. Fantastic focal range on this gem. Much flexibility. Almost a bag of primes.  So good.... Ahhhhhhh.  Solves almost all of the new shooters (and pros) problems.  The most flexible option in the list.  Just get it.

2. 10-24. Just do it. Don't make me explain it. Great for travel, landscapes, hiking, street, indoors at museums ... everything!  Mucho flexibility.

3. The Mighty 16. The best lens in the world. Period. Anyone who says otherwise is clueless.  Save your money and buy the magic....

4. The 55-200. Again, don't make me explain it. Just get the damn lens and put it in your bag when you travel.

5. 23 F2. The classic focal length. I just pre-ordered it. It will be great. But I haven't shot it yet.  But who hasn't walked around with 24 equivalent?  There is a reason that focal length is on all the little fixed lens beauties that pros have in their pocket.

6. 90.  Portraits.  Uber sharp.  But a brick.....

7. 100-400. Luuuuuuuv that lens. Specialty, so ranked 7th, but it could be much higher depending on your use.

Not needed: 35, 18, 14, and the brick (16-55). But the brick is a great lens. But the 18-55 and Mighty 16 fills the need.

There it is folks.  All you need to know.

You are welcome!


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