NX1000 - PASM dial acting up

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Re: NX1000 - PASM dial acting up

Desverger wrote:


So I've been using my NX1000 for the last 6 months or so and so far been happy overall. However I noticed that the PASM dial is a little finicky. When I turn on the camera it'll go into SMART mode, even though I have the PASM dial on A. Playing with the dial often results in the camera jumping around modes, like switching to M and then S, even though it's on A. After a few seconds the camera eventually gets it right and goes into mode A. But it's very annoying and the dial is still very sensitive (touch it slightly and it might jump to another completely unrelated mode). I have lost some shots this way.

Now, the camera is still under warranty but that means I need to send it off to have it repaired. I'll be without it for maybe up to 6 to 8 weeks. That totally sucks. So I was wondering if it's really just a matter of cleaning some contacts or some other simple fix. I'm also not sure how to go about it. I was thinking of just spraying some contact cleaner into the cracks around the dial, hoping it would clean out whatever is gumming up the contacts. That might work but might also remove any lubricants if there are any. So I'm not sure that's a good idea. Also, does the PASM dial just pop off or do you need to take the camera apart to get it off?

If anyone has any experience with either this problem or taking the camera apart, please let me know. Thanks.

Re: NX1000 - PASM dial acting up

My Samsung NX 1000 Camera has been acting up in the same way Desverger has indicated, this has been happening now for over 1 year.

After reading that other people are experiencing similar problems I thought I should tell you how I fixed the Problem without Sprays or Contact Oil, or Compressed Air., all I have done is to  " Switch Power On and " Rotate the PASM dial several times"while applying Downward pressure with both Thumbs on the dial head in both directions rotating several times and afterwards returning to the position I use mostly the "A"  Aperture Position and with both thumbs pressing hard downwards on the dial rocking it backward and forward between the "P and S" position., and now it appears to have fixed the problem.

( Everytime in the past when I tried to take a shot my finger would touch ever so slightly on that Dial Knob and the Screen would flash between the PASM and sometimes jump to the wrong setting ) Now Switch the power off, and when powering on again its back to "A".)

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