Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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Re: TAP's 105/1.4E review remains invalid

phaedin wrote:

The fact that major well known and respected reviewers such as DXO, SLRGear, Photography life, Lens Rentals and numerous others have not discovered this amazing lens secret. That Photographers from every other manufacturer have not discovered this, is really mind blowing.

What you wrote above only shows how unaware of the issues you are. Test sites care about lens aspects that they can measure and quantify in numbers. As 3D pop clearly isn't a measurable thing, that drops DxO, Lens Rentals, and SLRGear from relevance on the subject right there. But it should also be equally obvious that Zeiss 3D pop has been talked about since days of film... use Google search before spouting off incorrect nonsense about lens history.

And what do you know of Nasim Mansurov of Photography Life? Little, apparently, as he wrote the following on his review of the Zeiss Distagon 35/2 just to blow your mind: Microcontrast is not always better on Zeiss lenses, but the drawing style / 3D look / beautiful colors usually are. ( Nasim clearly sees and believes in 3D pop. As you seem to be enamored by him maybe now you will too?

That a foul mouthed, abusive, basement reviewer has "discovered" this, who for "evidence" posts completely unacceptable images that, at best show a complete lack of scientific methodology, and at worst, are deliberately manipulated to try to prove this theory.

Nothing has been proved, your images have been shown to be completely useless for trying to prove the theory, but yet you continue to ignore that evidence and scream from the top of your lungs that you are correct.

I think we all know who is all worked up and screaming here... you, because the evidence came out against your preconceived notions. Sorry that Marianne's comparison of TAP's pictures so convincingly showed the 105E as flat that you feel the need to rail against the obvious that it's "unproven". Here it is again with the 105 DC on the right.

Show it on your iPhone to everyone and ask which is more 3D. Get used to losing.

Should a boyfriend have to apologize to his girlfriend if he kisses someone else in her dream? It didnt happen, yet she "saw" it. OR are you going to assert that you have superior eyesight?

Non sequitur. Sigh.

Come back when you have actual proof, which should be easy since you have all the other manufacturers to go to as well.

Says the "expert" with a consumer grade D7100 and three consumer zoom lenses.


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