Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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Re: Taking it to the extreme

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Thanks to Marianne for showing it.

We do not see in absolute values, only relative ones. So when you present two images together you see the differences between them and not the absolute qualities of either. This is a very important point when comparing things, you have to compare them against a reference and not each other.

So, going back to first principles I've taken the original colour image and equalised the exposure because the 105DC has less exposure (I don't know if this indicates less light through the lens?? No it indicates differences in calibration of the aperture).

Here's the original, note that TAP has deliberately used yellow text. This has the effect of you being the differences between the text and the images presented (crossed out in blue as well??). You see the one on the right as being more similar to the text and the one on the right as contrasting better against it.

Indeed. Here is an example to really emphasize this to the extreme. Look at this image:

Which of the two horse heads is lighter?

The answer is they are exactly the same. I.e. the same exact color and luminance.

In the same vein, look at the image below:

Do you see the center squares, one brown, and one bright orange?

It is an optical illusion. They are exactly the same color and brightness.


Here is a cute little article on the topic:

At most we can say they're the same numerical RGB values. Whether they are reproduced faithfully by the display device for the observer seems to be another matter.

After inspecting it with a dropper tool, even the RGB values don't match.

Yes, they do.

Not in the image in the post. Only if you inspect the attached JPG.

So you are saying the image in the post shows a very different RGB value for one and the other? Or that one is 149/90/0 and the other is 149/89/0 (for example)?

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