Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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Re: Funny thing perception

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You are living in your own world as if post-processing for color doesn't happen. You're trying to lay claim to subtle differences in a test that is not properly controlled for lighting, and the colour differences are well within the scope of post-processing adjustments anyway. I have wasted hours trying to bring into line artificial lighting in post, and someone can't cope with a little difference in lens cast. We're not having to shoot slides with filters anymore.

If that photographer had left the tripod where it was, removed the body with the plate attached, changed the lens and put the body back on the tripod, he could have got exactly the same perspective on a solid tripod. The fact that he didn't and that there is a little more fill light on the more modern lens side suggests he was fiddling or incompetent.

Besides, the childishness is plain to see from the overlaid text on the photo. IT BOTHERS HIM MORE THAT THE NEW LENS IS IN PLASTIC THAN ANYTHING ELSE

This is one of the best posts in this thread. I'm glad you noticed they were taken at different angles too. I pedantically ran a difference layer over the photographs, to see that it wasn't simply a focal length shift due to focus breathing.

They were 100% taken at different angles.

It's also quite telling that the person being criticized ("Just Tim") has a new DPR account and has posted all of 8 replies in the few days since his DPR account was created.

Edit: He just posted another reply so the count is now up to 9 replies.

And yet this newcomer thinks he's qualified to criticize and argue with real, acknowledged experts, showing no expertise of his own other than cunningly trying to support the nonsense spouted by TAP. If he isn't one of TAP's sock puppets, he's a fellow traveler, here only to spread the nonsensical gospel.

LOL, I clearly state that TAP is talking utter nonsense, clearly show you how he's decieving you by manipulating the images (adding blue and yellow to images in which he wants to show a blue and yellow difference?), share with you my knowledge of perception and colour theory learned through years of observation and learning, and you do what?

Debunk me as being a sock puppet because I go against what you want to believe.

And you call me blind?? Spreading non-sensical gospel??

For the record I see no 3D effect in either black and white image, I completely agree with Marianne and anothermike. My new account is because I scrambled the other one as this forum is filled with posters like yourself, but felt 'compelled' to stand up against such utter nonsense as expounded by yourself.

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