Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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Re: TAP's 105/1.4E review is vindicated

fPrime wrote:

Hope you got what you wanted out of the perception experiment, Marianne, but I believe the case can now be closed on TAP's review of the 105E. In retrospect the evidence shown here makes it is clear that his review was 100% right. Recall that he basically postulated three things:

  • Color shift vs. the 105 DC - Confirmed. When shot side by side in numerous, independent comparisons the 105E has been consistently yellower. The debate over if blue light absorption by the 105E is the cause can continue, but the fact that this lens renders more yellow than the 105DC is incontrovertible.
  • Swirly, Cats-eye bokeh - Confirmed. Vetted first by Hogne and plainly visible once again in the latest 105E examples by Derek Z here:
  • Flat images - Confirmed. First by numerous flat 105E examples from Art Jacks and Fotoinfo which originally raised the rendering concern, secondly by you when you adjusted the exposure on the resurrection plant photos showing the 105E as dead flat next to the 3D pop of the 105DC, lastly by Derek Z once again in string of nicely composed but utterly flat examples here:

Against the stark review accuracy by TAP, how did our self-anointed "experts" do in their own forum reviews of the 105E? Horribly! Although Lance B, anotherMike, and you were among the first to buy the 105E, it's embarrassing that not a single one of you either discovered or reported ANY of these three issues to the forum before TAP did. While all of you were gushing like schoolgirls over sharpness and bokeh, TAP was doing your job of finding the cons and posting examples. If you think this doesn't fundamentally undermine your lens reviewing credibility, think again.

Somebody compared TAP to Trump earlier and after some consideration there's more than a little truth to that. When it's right and obvious, TAP is apparently the only one willing to tell it like it is... no politically correct bs. Is he vulgar? Yes. But is he wrong... not on this matter, for sure. You are all collectively the Hillary/Kaine ticket running a tired campaign of insults against reality by suggesting he doesn't have the demeanor to be a lens reviewer or that people who agree with his findings are a basket of deplorables. The parallels are both funny and sad.


The thing about tap is he actually has a lot of good recommendations re lens buying and best lenses for the money. He also does not just love old lenses...i know he loves the 20mm 1.8g and there are other examples of modern lenses he thinks are great - the 14-24mm etc. He'll quickly call out a new overpriced lens that every other reviewer on here or youtube will gush about, if there are downsides which there are and he mentions the old lens is better - his opinion yes but it may ring true for many...

Unlike every other reviewer hes not like the big names on youtube that tell you every lens released is awesome and that you should buy it right away...that you somehow need it...via their affiliate link of course so its in their interest to say its great isn't it! Yes TAP makes money off donations and youtube but this troubles me much less than the rest of them who clearly want to recommend every lens via their affiliate link! I think we know who these guys are..

And to everyone who says the lens isnt yellow rendering...why is it every time its shot next to the 105dc its yellow? Every comparison on the internet clearly shows the overly yellow rendering it provides. The swirley bokeh with cats eyes is present. Yes other long fast primes has this...but this lens has it in spades compared to others. Its a consideration if you get motion sickness but want to shoot wide open at times.

At the end of the day people can buy what they wish. But all i see is people buying it and gushing about its sharpness and least tap had the balls to demonstrate the downsides. The 105 DC really pops in his test compared to this new 105 lens which looks flat and lifeless SOOC, and what he says is right...skintones ain't as good as the 105mm DC .

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