Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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tko wrote:

akul60 wrote:

  1. I have no idea what 'micro contrast' means. - resolution and micro contrast to me means pretty much the same.

Microcontrast seems to be an invented word that means nothing, and is already described by existing contrast based resolution test. No need to make up words

  1. I hate that word '3D pop'. It is one of the most meaningless word that I really would be happy to never read again.

Agree also.

  1. Now I am looking at the images on my laptop but my impression stays the same.

Be it high-fidelity, wine tasting, or photography, pseudo-experts like to make up terms that make them seem more important.

The probelm with invented term is that I have no idea what his/her definition of that term is. First time I read the word 'micro contrast' was about 5 years ago. Till this day, I still don't feel the terminology is used in the same way. LOCA is LOCA, abberation is abberation, flare if flare, but micro contrast ....  I may well be wrong.  It may be that I didn't get the invitation for the party.   Well, it seems you didn't get that invitation either, so I should not feel too bad, eh!


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