Does this ever REALLY happen? I mean really.

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Does this ever REALLY happen? I mean really.

Here at DPR I have seen a lot of first time posts usually in the Beginner or Open Talk forums along the lines of this -

"I am a rank novice/newbie/aspiring photographer. The other day I was out and about with my camera trying to figure out which button to press to take a picture when all of a sudden I was approached by a passing stranger who asked me to shoot their wedding/business opening/headshots for a company of 237 employees. What are the super bestest settings to use? Please keep it easy because while I love photography I don't want to have to learn about all that icky-techy stuff like composure and expression compensation, oh and how much should I get paid? Thanks in advance - X-Co Photograhpy, Inc.".

Are these just abitious imaginings on the part of someone who wants some internet presence?
I'm in LA and I can be seen out shooting very often working with models or assistants and I have NEVER, in 15 years, been randomly approached by a total stranger for immediate hire to shoot something. Most of my hires are responses to my advertising efforts or through a known source referal.
If this really happens, why?
Are they the only person ever to be seen with a big camera in their tiny little village or township?
Just curious if others have noticed posts like these also.
Thank you for your time.

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