Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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Theoria Apophasis also states that to "insult a fool is the praise of wisdom." Personally I think this is not logical. Digging a hole under someone's toes does not elevate yourself. For that reason, I kindly ask that if he does post here insulting me, admin does something about it.

That's unlikely unless forum members send an avalanche of feedback to DPR's admin. It's unlikely that using the Complain button will do anything because it appears that this forum's three moderators aren't actively keeping tabs on the forum. They might be, but we wouldn't know it from checking their posting history which shows this :

Formotioner : Three posts to this forum in Feb. 2015. Stopped posting to other forums about a year and a half ago and he was by far most active in several of the Sony forums.


Mike Cialowitz : Moderately active in several Nikon forums but his most recent 5 posts (2 to this forum, 3 to the Sony Alpha / Nex E-mount (APS-C) forum were posted in 2014. All other posts date back to 2013 or older.


ltcdata : Similar. The 2 most recent replies were posted in this forum 11 months ago. After that a mix of posts to other Nikon forums. One to the Nikon Pro DX SLR forum in Jan. 2014 and all the rest were most recently posted in 2013.

So feedback needs to be used to get the attention of DPR's administration. Only they can tell if the forum moderators are actually (at least) lurking or whether they need to be supplemented or replaced by more active moderators. If feedback isn't used, it's unlikely that the lens trolls and sock puppets will ever disappear.

I don't want to come across as a conspiracy theorist, but if TAP and his minions and sock puppets barraged DPR's forums with videos and theories about how horrible it was to purchase camera gear from Amazon, I think they'd be swept out of DPR's forums in short order, as they should be.

I see you've taken it upon yourself to be part time forum moderator. Until you own the site, or are an actual moderator yourself, you don't get the say in it - it's pretty simple. Your post is quite a slap in the face to the current mods. At the end of the day, you can turn off your pc/phone and go outside if something really bothers you; no one's forcing you to be here are they? I believe it's been said before that the moderation is deliberately kept light - the world is already moderated and too PC as it is...people the world over get offended over nothing, without bringing it all in here too.

Silly goose. If I took it upon myself to be a part time forum moderator, you and everyone else would know it because changes would be made. All I've done here is to express an opinion that's shared by others, an opinion that evidently doesn't give you warm fuzzies. Moderation in this forum is NOT "deliberately kept light", it doesn't appear to exist, and if that were to change I can understand why some here would worry.

Ironic isn't it that you are going on about forum moderation. I suggest you take a wee wander over to the forum rules page. You'll see that forum moderation isn't to be discussed on here. So if your unhappy with it, leave or email them directly.

No irony here, or at least from me. There hasn't been any noticeable forum moderation here so how can anyone say that forum moderation has been discussed? What has been discussed is the absence of moderation, an entirely different thing.

What's ironic is that you're asking me to leave because you apparently feel threatened by my reasonable opinion. That's tantamount to doing what you've decried, taking it upon yourself to act as a forum moderator.

DPReview recommends two ways to deal with issues such as these.

1: DPReview's Site Feedback and Help forum :

This forum is moderated by community moderators Olga Johnson, Marti58, Dale Buhanan, Footski, and Mako2011.


2: Send feedback using this link : Feedback

Note: This also includes a link to the Feedback and Help forum.

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