Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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Re: Is an apology required for being a realist?

HFLM wrote:

Version one, left or right jumps out at you more? And version two. We are awaiting your answers...

Irrelevant as perspective was slightly different and therefore out of focus transition occurs at different positions and the histogram is broader for the 105/1.4, providing a larger tonal range. So we have various possibilities to process the 105/1.4 image in post trying to equalise contrast, but nothing unambiguous. So even if Marianne would also choose the DC image, it would not hold up to scrutiny whatever you are trying to do, as the reference experiment designed by TAP is flawed.

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It's her test, if she expects us to answer it she can do the same, no need to get all bent out of shape over this, is there? It's not irrelevant because we are being asked the same, to ID the better side of the image.

What I am trying to do; is ask her which side of the image in version one and two pops off the screen more, but she's too stuck in her numbers figures and long lengthy replies to just answer it. Perhaps it's a wee case off, "didn't get the answers I was expecting...". If so this is worrying, because in each image a set of half decent eyes will see the same as myself and most of the posters in here saw. She's caught up in a world of "if I cannot quantify it it does not exist" to just say which one pops more.

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