Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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Re: There is a specific goal in all of this

primeshooter wrote:

What if 10,000 people choose the same sides of both images being more 3-D? They might not quantify why but it still proves something I think...

Argumentum ad populum doesn't prove anything, especially when the shots are taken at a different angle, with a different exposure, lighting and possibly slightly different focal length and whatnot.

Well in that case I will try and see it again then if it's that good. I've no doubt if I can get that to work it'll appear more 3-d than a difference between lenses. But the point is the difference is there, between the lenses - already as I've said there is a pattern in this thread most people have made the same selections!

Just as there'd be a further difference if the camera was moved even further to the left. What significance does this have in a review?

Maybe not. But show these images to thousands and I bet I know which sides of which images they will select. Maybe then it'll become more real for you. Then perhaps we can see how to quantify it, no?

Argumentum ad populum is a fallacy and you're trying to use it to prove something. Why?

This must be hard for you to take, granted.

Going off on a tangent again, about emotions. This isn't about feelings, although you do seem to be gloating quite a bit.

Come on, you've posted at length talking about TAP and how the new lens is better, your dog in this fight it to hold that theory to the fire and prove it isn't it? Your own post title seemed like gloating to me a little too, so lets not dwell on that too much. In these pictures, I see a clear winner as do the other respondents.

The burden of proof ultimately lies on the Angry Photographer; how can he prove his claims when the shots have been taken at a different angle (lighting, exposure, and more)?

Now we are back tracking I you admit that you see a difference here, between these sides of the images, albeit as you've said light affects this more - by what you've just said, you've still admitted the lens can have an affect too, as as I've said several times now, it's not coincidence people are selecting the same sides of the images as better.

It doesn't matter whether a difference is seen because the shots were not taken in the same place, with the same exposure, etc.

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