Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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A different view...

Marianne Oelund wrote:

WillemB wrote:

Sorry Marianne, I only see a good stereo picture when right and left picture are switched!. As it is, I see a hole instead of an 'outbutting'.

You're using parallel viewing. For the correct effect you need to use cross-eye viewing.

I accomplish it by sitting back 2-3', then holding a finger or pencil about midway, positioned so it points to the same detail in each pane. Then after looking at the finger tip for a few seconds, the stereo image on the display will resolve.

I taught myself to view stereographs many years ago, probably before I was 10 years old. I had the advantage of playing with a stereoscope and a large tin that held it along with more than 50 B&W stereoscopic cards that my father brought back after serving in Germany during WW II. About a year or two later I got the notion that I should be able to view 3-D images without needing to use the stereoscope. It wasn't very easy at first and it took a lot of practice. Even after gaining some success it still took a while to get the 3-D images to "pop"

With time (several years of intermittent viewing) it became quick and easy. But I don't use your method. Explanation : Look at a newspaper or even this reply on your monitor. If you focus in a finger midway between between the text and your eyes it will be out of focus, and I used to do it this way but getting my eyes to refocus wasn't very easy at first.

I don't know exactly what changed but now I never start with a midway focus. I focus directly on the images and slowly cross my eyes until the in focused images overlap and it rarely takes more than a second to get the desired stereo image. I can also do the inverse of cross-eye viewing. It's only slightly more difficult but it creates an interesting effect. To succeed I usually have to reduce the size of the image pair and then I try to get both eyes to aim straight ahead. When I first tried this it was much more difficult because when my eyes pointed straight ahead, it was hard to avoid focusing at near-infinity instead of focusing on the images which were of course much closer.

It probably would be easier if I could get my eyes to diverge instead of to cross. When I looked at your Version 2 image pair using this eyes-diverging technique, instead of seeing a fibrous ball resting on the piece of wood, I see a hollowed out circle in the wood where it seems like I'm seeing a concave fibrous object deep inside the piece of wood.

I was probably born too late. I coulda, shoulda been another Ben Turpin.

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