Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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Re: There is a specific goal in all of this

primeshooter wrote:

Marianne Oelund wrote:


You have not even pointed to any specific areas of the images where you see the differences, and how they manifest to you. You merely carry on using imprecise terminology.

I'm trying to study how that discrimination functions. Some of the initial steps in that study, are to rule out certain hypotheses.

What I can see, is one side of the image in both clearly pops out the screen at me. Does that help you?

Not in the least.

What if 10,000 people choose the same sides of both images being more 3-D? They might not quantify why but it still proves something I think...

It wouldn't prove anything actually, but 10,000 people choosing the same sides of both images "being more 3-D" would be well nigh impossible. TAP and his minions and acolytes may be numerous enough to foul the forum experience, but they wouldn't come close to being able to create 10,000 sock puppets over even a moderately large time span.

If as 'they' say "the proof is in the pudding", you're sliding by with a low grade erstatz pudding, appropriately having a name incorporating the letters "junk".

To a good many children growing up in the 1930's and into the 60's Junket was as much a part of supper as listening to the Shadow and Jack Benny on Sunday nights. Junket -- full name, Junket Rennet Custard -- is a powdery dessert mix containing the rennet enzyme which, when mixed with warm milk, causes the milk to curdle and produce a custardlike dessert.

None of the kids could possibly have cared, but what would eventually be the Junket Rennet Custard dessert mixes evolved from the Chris Hansen Laboratories of Denmark, which began producing rennet products for use in the cheese industry in upstate New York in the 1870's. The Salada division of Redco Foods still manufactures these products at the original site, an island in the middle of the picturesque Mohawk River.


Margot Rogoff, an executive at Lancome New York, has a somewhat different recollection. She can only recall "the fear of finding it put before me" when dessert time rolled around. "My parents thought it was good for me," she said. "It was an alternative to Jell-O. I would choose Jell-O anytime. Junket! That awful pale pink stuff!" One can sense the fear in her voice at the very mention of it.


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