Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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There is a specific goal in all of this

primeshooter wrote:

Okay so you have nicked his images,

I'm certainly not trying to represent them as my own images, as Ken has done in the past, with images he's taken from elsewhere.

With these caveats:

The right side of the image is the 105mm DC lens. Pops more (this is 3-d pop Marianne), has better microcontrast on the wood - and check out the rendering of the pencil behind the dof compared to the left.

I actually prefer the colour versions - you can see the 105mm f/1.4E lens a mile off with it's yellower rendering, which I don't like.

As there are other cues to determine which lens was used for each pane, it's difficult for me to determine whether your insistence on such differences is honest or not.

You can clearly see in the black and white rendering, that the left image in colour would be yellower.

That would be impossible to determine from the monochrome version, without at least a set of three different conversions available, with known luminance transformations.  You are saying that one could solve for three variables, given a single equation, which is a mathematical absurdity.

Re your famous stereo thing, my eyes cannot do it, but what they can see is the 3-d pop on the right side of the picture that yourself and others have said doesn't exist or whatever, it certainly jumps out at you a lot more than the left side of the image.

If you cannot resolve a 3D image, this again suggests that your visual system has developed in a relatively 2D environment where certain aspects of tonal discrimination have become enhanced beyond what most people would require.  I should note that such atypical sensitivities in tonal perception are likely not of any advantage to those with normally-functioning binocular vision.

I'm trying to study how that discrimination functions.  Some of the initial steps in that study, are to rule out certain hypotheses.

Looks like you just helped the Angry Photographers case. How does it feel? Not good I expect.

This is an experiment, from which I seek to learn how your visual perceptions differ. It wasn't very successful, however, because there were too many other cues remaining in the image.

With regard to feelings, I am always experimenting and researching to learn new things; when successful at that, regardless of whether or not discoveries agree with my former opinions, I am happy to have progressed in knowledge.

On the other hand, if no objective method of quantitative analysis can be found to model the peculiar sort of image perception that you and a few others supposedly possess, that would be a disappointment.

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- Marianne

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