Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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Re: Funny thing perception

Just Tim wrote:

fishy wishy wrote:

You are living in your own world as if post-processing for color doesn't happen. You're trying to lay claim to subtle differences in a test that is not properly controlled for lighting,

No, not at all (though I agree the test is rubbish). The point I'm making that it is totally incorrect to think that we see colour in an absolute sense and that we can judge between two examples on a computer screen as to which is correct, because we can't. I'm not laying claim to any differences only demonstrating that by the simple act of swapping the two images over (in the last example that's all I did) that your perception of which is correct changes, because the images do not.

I assure you that I'm not living in my own world because the reason for why this should be is basic colour theory. The examples posted after are only a demonstration of how I can change your perception of the images simply by the way I present them. The implications are that TAP has deliberately presented the two images in such a way so as to generate an illusion by a simple understanding of basic colour theory and how we perceive colours. The alternative (to the yellow text and the way the images are combined with the blue side - enhanced with an added blue cross - against the yellow), is that TAP is giving definitive advice on colour casts without a working knowledge of colour.

Look again at the first and last images where I've done nothing but reverse the order and see how your perception of the colour difference between them changes. With the same images I'm trying to demonstrate that the blue/yellow shift is nothing much more than an illusion created by the way they're presented.

and the colour differences are well within the scope of post-processing adjustments anyway. I have wasted hours trying to bring into line artificial lighting in post, and someone can't cope with a little difference in lens cast. We're not having to shoot slides with filters anymore.

Absolutely. By the data the colour shift between the two appears to be a very slight green/magenta and is probably explained by the differences you pointed out and nothing to do with lens design.

I'd posit that is has more to do with screen position of the images and viewing angle relative to positions of observer and their LCD/LED display device.

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