Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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Right lens is the 105mm f/2 DC nikkor

Marianne Oelund wrote:

After all his bluster decrying the failings of the new Nikon 105/1.4E, Ken has unwittingly given us the best evidence ever, that it can produce gorgeous 3D pop.

All it takes is a smart aleck like me to come along, and notice how to use his resurrection-plant example to put the "flatness" issue to rest.

Here you go - Ken's stereogram created with the 105/1.4E (and a little help from the 105 DC as well; I wouldn't want to leave that out). Arranged by yours truly, for cross-eye mode viewing.

Nikkor 105/1.4E (with 105 DC) creates real 3D!

Of course, to make the stereo effect work well, I had to adjust the exposure to match as closely as I could. With that done, I would like to have some feedback about the microcontrast in each pane: Have a careful look, and post your opinion as to whether the left pane or the right pane has better microcontrast - or if you think they look about even.

Thanks for looking!

Okay so you have nicked his images, processed them (obviously from jpgs as you don't have raws, which would incur a quality loss), then uploaded them here (further compression and quality loss - dpreview compression is quite noticable). There is at least one quality loss in uploading them just here isn't there...

With these caveats:

The right side of the image is the 105mm DC lens. Pops more (this is 3-d pop Marianne), has better microcontrast on the wood - and check out the rendering of the pencil behind the dof compared to the left.

I actually prefer the colour versions - you can see the 105mm f/1.4E lens a mile off with it's yellower rendering, which I don't like. You can clearly see in the black and white rendering, that the left image in colour would be yellower.

Re your famous stereo thing, my eyes cannot do it, but what they can see is the 3-d pop on the right side of the picture that yourself and others have said doesn't exist or whatever, it certainly jumps out at you a lot more than the left side of the image.

Looks like you just helped the Angry Photographers case. How does it feel? Not good I expect.

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