Angry Photographer proves the 105/1.4E isn't "flat"

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Funny thing perception

Thanks to Marianne for showing it.

We do not see in absolute values, only relative ones. So when you present two images together you see the differences between them and not the absolute qualities of either. This is a very important point when comparing things, you have to compare them against a reference and not each other.

So, going back to first principles I've taken the original colour image and equalised the exposure because the 105DC has less exposure (I don't know if this indicates less light through the lens?? No it indicates differences in calibration of the aperture).

Here's the original, note that TAP has deliberately used yellow text. This has the effect of you being the differences between the text and the images presented (crossed out in blue as well??). You see the one on the right as being more similar to the text and the one on the right as contrasting better against it.

In the first sample I've taken the corrected exposures and placed them against a pale blue instead of the yellow text so you can see how this changes your perception. See which one now appears to have the best colour:

In the last sample I've taken the corrected exposures and placed them directly next to each other. On the left it's 105DC/left 105 f1.4/right, and on the right it's 105 f1.4/left 105 DC/right. Again which has the better colour?

The conclusions drawn are not only erroneous but the images themselves are deliberately arranged to enhance the difference so the bluer side of the image is contrasted directly against the yellower side. Again the effect is you see the difference at the boundary. To illustrate this better I have simply swapped the images around with making any other change:

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