Alternatives to Zoner Photo Studio?

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Re: Alternatives to Zoner Photo Studio?

dgrogers wrote:

I really liked Zoner Photo Studio. It did a great job with RAW files, you could work with layers, and the highlight recover was some of the best I've ever seen (at least for the cameras I use). Unfortunately, they've gone to the subscription model so I am out. Are there any alternatives that work with RAW and layers (or the ability to combine images together)? I would also want decent color management as well as the typical features such as unsharp mask.

Well, that's disappointing.  I just got the advice from Zoner about the subscription as well.

I think the decision might bite them.  They're asking pretty much the same annual subscription as Adobe's CC scheme for photographers - and that gets both Photoshop and Lightroom.

Not sure about alternatives but Zoner 18, together with my old Photoshop CS3  will work for me for the time being.



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