Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

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I think Canon and Nikon may be too slow to change. The writing is on the wall.

According to Thom Hogan, Canon is already #3 in worldwide mirrorless market share. Apparently their M-to-M3/M10 sell decently in Asian countries. The M5 may bump them up to #2. Time will tell.

I think Nikon should "join the party", and make an APS-C mirrorless camera. That sensor size is where the huge sales volume is.

I just came back from Asia (Japan and Korea). I saw lots of Olympus and Sony mirrorless in use. Olympus OM-D's seemed particularly prevalent. I didn't see any Canon mirrorless. If Canon is #3, they are most likely a distant #3. The other issue is that the primary usership of the EOS M is at the low end casual user, because that's the only kind of mirrorless equipment that Canon has made up until now. This is a very different type of usership than, say, Fuji or Olympus or Sony, which have extensive systems that can support much more serious users, for quite some time now, and thus have attracted more sophisticated users that are more likely to continue to invest in these systems. I don't think that's the case for the average EOS M buyer, who seems to mainly be a young female casual user in Asia who is unlikely to ever buy an additional lens beyond the kit lens that came with the camera. Also, the sales success of the M-to-M3/M10 in Asia may not necessarily translate to the M5, because a lot of that popularity comes from the low price point that these cameras sell at. The M5, on the other hand, is a much more expensive camera, $980 body only. It seems unlikely that the M5 will move the needle much for Canon.

I think there was a time there when Canon and Nikon could have "highjacked" Sony's FF challenge.  But they didn't and still aren't meeting the Sony challenge.  The metabones and MC-11 adapters are so good now, i don't see any need to change direction.  In 2 days i'll be getting my second Canon lens to use with the A7rII.  My Canon 85 f1.8 tracks quite well on Continuous AF and "Wide" focus area.  Locked into phase focusing only.  I'm consistently getting very sharp images, except where i muck up the settings.  And the 42mp resolution is hard to believe, wow.

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