Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

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too slow to change

scarlet knight wrote:

Any clues?

I think Canon and Nikon may be too slow to change. The writing is on the wall. Everything is gradually shifting to mirrorless. There's certainly a danger for companies that are slow to change. Just look at Kodak clinging to film as the writing on the wall indicated that digital was the future. The best companies look two, three or even four steps ahead, and aren't afraid to cannibalize their own business. Take Apple for example. They weren't afraid to let their iPhone cannibalize their iPod sales (which it did). They weren't afraid of letting their MacBook cannibalize their iMac sales (which it did). They weren't afraid of letting iPad/iPad Pro cannibalize MacBook sales (which it did). And now as smartphone sales are reaching saturation, they are rumored to be working on an electric vehicle of some sort. They embrace change. The smart companies look far ahead to the future. Companies such as Kodak, Nokia, Blackberry (all former giants in their fields) cling to the past or are too slow to change because their past products were so good for them. Kodak, Nokia, and Blackberry all thought that their strategies of staying the course, and cautiously shunning change, were "smart" strategies to follow.

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