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My Mac Pro is nearing the end of it's life so I am considering the purchase of an iMac.

I am looking at the iMac 21.5 with 4K display, Quad core 15. 3.1 GHZ with 8GB Ram. I do a lot with Photoshop cc and Lightroom cc.

I am old, 85, and spend hours a day in front if the computer. And being old I do not have a large stack of money laying around so would like some input from others on what they think about this set up.

And I thank you in advance

I wouldn't buy any Mac without at least a Fusion boot drive.

I dasagree. I went for a 27" without the fusion drive. I use the machine constantly for professional work and mainly use PS and LR CC. 3.4 Gh i7 32Gb of Ram I am very, very rarely stuck with the multicoloured wheel of doom

That's not the problem. With a Fusion or SSD things start far faster. Files copy faster. It boots faster. It's not that the HDD boot drive hangs; it's that it's a semi compared to a sports car. See for just one example.

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