Bought Canon A70-what extras do I need?

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Re: Bought Canon A70-what extras do I need?

Philippe D'Hooghe wrote:


In order of priority...

Here is what I think you absolutely must have:

1. Carrying case or better: soft bag. To protect the camera (LCD!).
2. NiMH battery sets (2 sets of 4 AA, 2100 mAh or better) with
No real need for fast charger, the A70 really lasts long on a set.
3. Bigger CompactFlash, 128 MB minimum. Unless you got one with a deal
already. 16 Mb CF is useless on A70, I use it for my PC.

Here is what I think is good to have:

4. LCD protection foil. Less scratches = more fun for longer time.
5. Tripod. Is a surprise. But A70 makes fabulous night shots (also
a surprise).
Hence a tripod is a good thing to make more of your A70.
6. A card reader for the PC is nice, saves batteries and cleans CF
contacts :-).

Here is what I think you should not spend your money on:

  • Lens adapters and lenses.

The A70 was not built for this. Canon is honest about this in the
It obstructs viewfinder, flash.
Corners may be dark on photographs (barrel of adapter).
It destroys the portability of the cam. You become a donkey again.
Photo quality can not really improve...

I think it depends on how you are going to use it. Add on lenses will not do the same job as a cam originally designed for what you are trying to do. For us home photography hobbiests, with the understanding that quality is not as good, it can still be acceptable and can add to the fun of the photography experience. It can also be more economical than bying multiple cameras. It is basically a halfass way of getting the camera to have the lens adaptability of a dslr but for my budget and my use, halfass will do just fine. Lcd's work beter than the chessy little viewfinder on the a70 and I'll get a slave flash. If money were no object, I would probably use the a70 as is and get a dslr, but unfortunatlly a dslr is out of my price range. And anyway, I like gadgets so it is part of the fun!

There is a different need, buy a different cam. It won't make much
difference in cost and results will probably be better. Want a big
buy a FZ-1 or Oly UZ. Don't try to turn the A70 into something it
is not.
I know not everybody agrees, but it still is my opinion.

I have no opinion about the underwater case. Up to you. Some
people think it is great fun. I am not in pools all day and I am
no scuba diver.


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