Olympus Pen-F with T-S Adapter?

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Kipon Tilt shift adapter M42 to M4/3

One of (the biggest) problem with the M4/3 sensor is that the crop factor makes it difficult to find a wide enough lens to get the best use out of a tilt/shift adapter.

I think that the best I can do easily is 20mm which is truly the minimum considered truly useful as cropped sensor fov, but of course Canon do make specialised T/S in longer focal lengths - but it has to be "fun" testing the boundaries where one competent adapter can provide the goods over a range of lenses.

On the Kipon the rotational shift stop lock lever needs to be in the high position when the lens is in standard orientation. The alternative "correct" format (180 degees) leaves the prominent tilt lock knob in the high position. Right where a faux dslr housing might intrude (it doesn't on the E-M1 - but see below).

Furthermore extremes of shift in portrait setting tend to impinge on the use of the GX7 grip but it remains usable at extreme setting (on the GX7) so I would not worry.  At this point the shift plate extends to 90mm diameter at about 18mm from the mount surface.

However I see no significant "can't do" problem with the GX7 (or GM series) body.

Just tried it with an E-M1 body - there is no way whatsoever that this adapter is going to fit under the "viewfinder" hump.  The sheer width of the base bezel completely precludes it.

Not familiar with the PEN-F but I suggest that it is more GX7-style that E-M1 style.

For the record the base adapter bezel is 70mm wide within 2.5mm of the mount surface.  Add 7mm protrusion for the rotation lock knob.

Only RF style bodies have a snowflakes chance in using it.

I am impressed by the build quality.  It now seems to cover all the basis necessary for a useful device.  All movements lock adequately and can be adjusted precisely.

Canon makes dedicated T/S lenses for lottery number prices - here is a well found alternative where you can optionally find lenses as long as they are wide enough for the purpose.

Of course FF capable lenses provide the natural additonal suface area to cover a full shift exercise.  I have not truly tested my adapter yet but it seems to manage without obvious vignetting with an Enna Lithagon 35mm f3.5 at full shift.

Prognosis is excellent for this adapter fitted to a GX7.

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