EF 35mm f/2 repair/disassemble advice

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Re: EF 35mm f/2 repair/disassemble advice

omega6666 wrote:

Harm_1 wrote:

Parts catalog for EF 35mm f/2 I've already found.

It is the disassembly procedure and description for stuck autofocus I'm looking for.
This will be similar fro EF 28 f/2.8 and EF 35mm f/2.0

I contacted the person who owned the dead link. I managed to repair my EF 35/2 with it!

He wrote;
d01.jpg: Obvious view of the lens assambled
d02: Was able to remove the top half of the lens case by removng a
TINY set screw, BUT, you probably don't need to do this!!
d03: Unscrew 3 screws that are 120deg apart on base and need to "pop"
out the black plastic part. It's not easy.
d04: Also unscrew 2 tiny screws that attach the metal ring to the
plastic terminal block
d05: Desolder the 3-wire connector and the 6-wire connector. Now you
see the screw/bracket that caused the trouble in my lens (and severl
others). I loosned it a bit and slid the bracket around until the
lens ring turned freely in Manual mode, then tightened it down HARD.
As I remember, that screw was really tough to loosen too, but that
brass bracket can be jarred out of place by a drop or a whack.

I didn't do step 1 and 2, I did remove the 3 screws, but that removed the metal part. I didn't pop out the black part. Not sure what he meant by step 4, but I removed a 4th screw (black) which attached the circuit board to the main frame. I desoldered only one 3 wire connector to be able to reach the problem screw better. Maybe not even neccesary. Once you loosened the problem screw a bit, you must loosen the bracket underneath it a bit with a small flat screwdriver. Now you can start to manually focus back and fort. This should move smoothly. Now attach and solder everything back and... wooptidoo!

This was brilliant. Ive had this lens sitting around thinking it was done with, but tonightI thought with a bit of a break Id try to figure out what was wrong with it. This post alone helped me fix it tonight. Though I was very cautious doing it, it was very easy. When soldering I only desoldered the 3 pin green contact. All the other limes were long enough to just mive the curcuit board out of the way to get to the screw and washer. ReSoldering was very easy and assembly went without a hitch.

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