Canon M5 or E-M1 Mk II; No 'Glass' Involved.

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Canon M5 or E-M1 Mk II; No 'Glass' Involved.

Currently have no glass. 'Sold' all my Fuji gear last month when I realized that I did not want the X-T2 because I was having an awful time with AF, in dim light, with Fuji lenses.

Rented a D500. Was impressed but there was no chemistry.

I shoot at least 30 pictures a day, all JPEG (untouched). Sometimes 1,200. Average for a month is around 130. Post at least 10 pictures a day online. Yes, I am an incessant blogger. Print v. v. few pictures. Nearly all my pictures are for Web consumption. Like the flexibility of 20 - to 150/200(+) zoom.

I am getting old and eyes (never good) are not what they used to be. So prefer to shoot LCD rather than EVF and use AF as much as I can, though I will use MF, with good results, when I have to. So LIVE VIEW focusing a key.

Was thinking Canon 80D because of DPAF. Then came the M5.

I have been keeping an eye on the OM-D E-M1 Mk II for months. Knew it would be impressive. Right now it is a paper tiger. Not sure whether it will be available this year. Budget permits D500 plus a few lenses. So ...

APS-C vs. MFT.

You can crank up ISO to compensate for the lower light gathering.

So what would YOU do, please?

M5 or E-M1?

Yes, if I had to I will get the D500 but our relationship was one respect rather than affection. Yes, it took some awesome pictures, but it is hard work to get decent JPEGs -- at least for I.

Thanks, Anura

P.S., I got a Nikon P900 when I got rid of the Fuji kit to tide me over till I get my next big/proper camera. It is a LOT of fun. Of course has its limitations but great JPEGs without too much effort.

Canon EOS 80D Fujifilm X-T2 Nikon D500 Olympus E-M1
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