SD9 UV / haze-2a filter test (1)

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skin tone and flower

I did some limited tests yesterday but haven't reached a conclusion.

For example, for some colorful plants under morning sunlight, when the white balance was set to auto, the images without any filter and with a UV filter wouldn't need any further adjustment in colors, but the one with a haze-2a filter showed a slight yellow cast that had to be compensated with blue. When the WB was set to sunlight, all three showed some yellow cast that is smallest without any filter and biggest with the haze-2a filter. Using the color wheel, the three images can be made indistinguishable.

Another red flower under slightly cloudy sky didn't show any noticeably difference under the three filter settings (without filter, with UV filter, and with haze-2a filter).

About skin tone, the friend who posed for me requested I should not post any of his images online, so I can't provide any samples. I asked him to hold a gray card, but strangely, picking the reference on the card resulted in very bad color, which may be because the test was done an hour before sunset. Using auto white balance, I can't tell any difference in skin tone, but my eyes might not be sensitive to small changes.

I'd suggest you get a haze-2a filter for one of your lenses and carry out some tests as well.


sunny1267 wrote:

Very useful test, thank you so much!

I would love to see how the haze-2a affects skin tones (if at all)
and macro flower shots, if you have an opportunity....


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