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Re: Moving to Lightroom

No special "export" is required. It will work out of the box.

IMatch manages metadata in a fully MWG-compliant way. If you have written back changed metadata back into your files in IMatch, Lr will see the data automatically. Maybe you may need to do a forced "Read Metadata" from the right-click menu in the Library module. Lr not always detects changes made to files by other applications.

IMatch has been explicitly designed to cooperate with Lr, PS, DxO, Silkypix and all the other software out there that is typically used in photographic and artistic workflows. It's strong on interoperability and free data-exchange and supports all relevant metadata standards.

I guess about 50% of the IMatch user base uses Lr as their RAW processor. More in the professional user base (photographers, agencies), maybe less in the SOHO, governmental or institutional user base.

If Adobe Lr does what you expect from a DAM depends on your requirements.. Adobe offers a separate DAM system ( for a reason, so you may want to look at that as well.

IMatch manages all files, not only images (PDF, Office, ID3, video etc.). Lr does not. If this causes problems depends on what you do with your DAM. DAM is not about images alone, after all. Lr also does not show you all the metadata in your files, only a subset. If you are used to see or work with vendor-specific maker notes, you will have to change your workflow.

IMatch is available since 1998 and used in over 60 countries. Still going strong, just look at the monthly IMatch feature updates, the new IMatch Anywhere(TM) product line etc.

Keep in mind: IMatch is no subscription software. Even when I get run over by a bus, IMatch will not stop working. You will still be able to access your data, use IMatch in conjunction with whatever RAW processor or image editor you use etc. For many years...

There are still many users out there who use IMatch 3, a software that is 10 years old and still works. And no monthly payments

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