[Equiv] Equivalence: rules and guidelines

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Martin Ocando
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[Equiv] Equivalence: rules and guidelines

Equivalence is a topic that, while is the major subject that people research about, before buying into a system, or changing from another. Is also a big cause of argument and disagreement, and in our forum in particular, it has been used to justify flaming and trolling. Even causing major discrepancies that have gone personal between our forum members. This is completely intolerable and detrimental to the forum atmosphere of being a friendly and helpful place where people come to get information about our system, and about photography in general.

So, in an effort to regulate how equivalence is discussed in our forum, we need to lay out some basic rules and guidelines, which are not new, in fact they were mentioned by DPReviews chief editor a few months ago, and while they might seem ineffective, since people continue to troll our forum in equivalence threads, is the best we have, and we must comply and agree to them, or we risk to have our posts deleted, and our accounts banned.

And first, what our EIC/GM said a few months ago:

..."If a thread/post breaks our rules, it will be dealt with. There's nothing in our rules saying that discussion of equivalence is disallowed"...

...""Firstly, most of these 'troll threads' that I've seen are started by people who refuse to accept simple scientific facts, and who get aggressive when their faulty reasoning is challenged."...
- Simon Joinson, Editor In Chief, and GM, dpreview.com

So, and in accordance to these, and our forum rules laid out here :

  1. If you are not interested in Equivalence, you most certainly shouldn't be reading equivalence threads, or complaining that people are discussing equivalence. Remember: "There is nothing in our rules saying that discussions of equivalence is disallowed", so we recommend you look elsewhere
  2. The same thing happen if you are interested, but disagree with it. You are free to discuss in a polite and friendly way, but you should not attack people that disagree with you
  3. Anyone using equivalence as a reason for trolling, will be dealt with, according to forum rules #6
  4. If you see someone trolling in any way, file a complaint instead of getting involved in a fruitless and nasty discussion which will eventually turn into personal attacks. Or, as is well known in forum jargon: Don't feed the troll
  5. Using the complain button help us moderators find the offending posts quicker, and we are very grateful that you do that, since we can't physically read every single post in all threads. We also have our own duties, so help us help you
  6. Although, abusing the complaint functionality is also against forum rules (#21). Disagreeing with equivalence or with equivalent discussions, are not reasons for filing a complaint
  7. A post explaining equivalence, or correcting terms, with or without scientific proof, is not off topic, is an opinion that everyone is entitled to. Please do not complain about it

The rest of the rules are simple, and you already know where to find them: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/forum-rules


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