How do I use a Metabones Speed Booster with manual lenses?

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How do I use a Metabones Speed Booster with manual lenses?

Hi everyone. I've just bought a Metabones Speed Booster, OM to E mount - saw it at a price I couldn't resist I'm using it with manual focus lenses. What settings should I use to get the best results?

Focusing. The camera recognises manual focus lenses are attached and switches to MF mode automatically. I have focus peaking ON, which works. I have MF Assist ON, but it seems to be ignored. Focus Magnifier does not work either. Is there any way to get MF Assist working? Or another suggestion to help make focusing easier ?

Setting the camera to Aperture Mode.
Not surprisingly trying to change the aperture using the camera's dial does not work. When I change the aperture using the lens's aperture ring, the camera's calculated shutter speed changes automatically to give correct exposure, and I can see the viewfinder darken / brighten as I change the aperture.

Setting the camera to Shutter Speed Mode.
Now the camera's speed dial works. Also if change the aperture using the lens's aperture ring the viewfinder darkens / brightens, but the camera's shutter speed does not change, the camera tries to set the correct exposure just by changing the ISO, however there is no easy visual cue that you are correctly exposed. So fo rexample, if you are way under / or overexposused it's fidly constantly having to check if the ISO has changed and therefore you're in a band of exposure settings that will correctly expose the photo.

Setting the camera to Manual Mode.
This has the same drawback as S mode - ie not having a clear indication of whether you are over or under exposed.

So, unless someone clever tells me otherwise, it seems the best camera mode to use with manual lenses is A mode, and use the lens to change the aperture.

Advice, guidance, extra tips welcome.

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