Minolta 7h/7hi or Nikkon 5700

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Re: Minolta 7h/7hi or Nikkon 5700

Thanks for the reply.

the 7hi has many wonderful features. What I liked most about the 2100 was the stabilised X10 zoom. A stabilised zoom in now available on the A1, but unfortunately, it's not available in Australia yet!!

I found flash photography wanting on the 2100. I really couldn't be bothered hooking up a cumbersome bracket for off camera flash with the 2100. One of the 7hi's greatest features (amongst others) is its external flash capabilities.

I was happy with the 2100, however, and would have preferred to upgrade when I specifiacally chose to, but its theft presented the opportunity (thanks to insurance) to get another camera with other features. It then became a trade off of features between cameras decide which one to go for. I think it's a pity that the 2100 wasn't upgraded.


Tennanah wrote:

I have a 2100 UZ also. The wider angle of the Minolta is
appealing, especially if you travel, sight see, and the rest. I'm
waiting on the upgrade to the 7HI or Fuji S-602.

I'd prefer a faster camera than the 2100 UZ


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