Very pleased with this.

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Very pleased with this.

It took a village to get me my Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8. I initially purchased this lens directly from, a known authorized retailer for Tamron. Sadly, what arrived was a US model which I had read had no valid warranty in Canada. This was confirmed by Amplis who are Tamron in Canada. Incidentally, Amplis tell me that they wouldn't even service the lens out of warranty - they simply wouldn't touch it. I sent the lens back after Amazon told me they would send one with a Canadian warranty. That replacement never arrived - Canada Post lost it, but through discussions with Amazon, I discovered that I would not get a Canadian model via the page I ordered through. I cancelled my order and was given a full refund. After umming and ahhing for a bit, trying to decide whether or not to boycott Tamron for their petty warranty policy, and bringing customers in the firing line of problems between them and their authorized retailers, I decided to bite the bullet, knowing that I wouldn't get an alternative that was as good, for the money. As it was, this is the most expensive lens I own (and possibly the heaviest).

I purchased through Vistek, and unbelievably, CanadaPost mislaid this one too. They did find it four days later though and almost a month to the day from my first order, I finally got a Tamron 15-30 that I could keep.

It's been a couple of weeks now, and I've finally been able to do some basic testing at all focal lengths on a few different subjects. My conclusion is that I think it's probably the sharpest lens I own.

Although this is not strictly a macro lens, it can get pretty close to your subject. I believe minimum focusing distance is 9". That's as close as I'd want to get to my dogs with a lens and not be in danger of them nosing or licking the front element.

Contrast and sharpness is amazing with just the tiniest loss of contrast wide open. The VR equivalent shows no evidence of loss of sharpness when used, and the bokeh, while not really creamy is as smooth as I've seen on a lens in this focal length range. Out of focus areas closer than the subject are not so nice, but no worse than I've seen in similar lenses. It's not off putting.

After reading reviews, I was expecting sharpness to suffer at the longer end of this lens, but I really don't see it. It seems to be as sharp at 30mm as it is at 15mm and 24mm.

Fringing (red and green) is noticeable in very high contrast areas and in my limited tests seems to be worse towards the edge of the lens (which I guess makes some sense) but it is very minor and fixable.

Lens flare is quite significant when there is a bright light source in the frame. I would expect this on a wide angle lens. It can be used for creative effect but can be hard to avoid when you want to.

I don't notice any vignetting in the corners.  This wouldn't bother me anyway - I have the Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 which has the worst vignetting I've ever seen, and even that doesn't bother me.  I quite often add vignetting in post anyway.

The lens is both big and heavy, and feels a bit front heavy on my Nikon D610. Build quality is excellent and it feels like Tamron used good quality materials in manufacture. Zoom is quite stiff, but not to the point of adversely affecting the ability to zoom. Focus ring has a nice bit of resistance to it - I'd say it's perfect.

Here are a few full resolution images from raw, from my D610 and the Tamron 15-30mm that I think are worth looking at, at 100%. They aren't what I'd call straight out of camera, but I've tried to keep pp fairly minimal except where noted. I look forward to seeing how it does in the concert scene when I get back at that in a couple of weeks.

I give the lens 4.5 stars.  They lose half a star for their petty warranty barriers.

This one has been quite significantly enhanced in terms of colouring.

Focus point was the large white building in the centre of the frame.

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