Olympus e-PL6 and adapted lens compatibility

Started Sep 14, 2016 | Questions thread
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Re: Olympus e-PL6 and adapted lens compatibility

If the lenses have aperture adjustments on the lenses themselves, then the basic AI to M43 adapters will all work (I recommend K&F here).  If any are missing the aperture ring, you'll need an adapter with an aperture adjustment.  Those are usually listed as Nikon G or AF to M43.  The aperture adjustment will be crude and often unstepped or unmarked.  So you won't know exactly which aperture you're using beyond the obvious wide open vs fully stopped down.  But I use such an adapter for Minolta AF to Sony E cameras and it works perfectly fine in manual mode. You just won't know whether you're at f8 or f11, etc.

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