SD9 UV / haze-2a filter test (1)

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Re: color is easily adjustable

DonP wrote:

ding1 wrote:

It is so easy to adjust color in SPP or other software, and in the
pursuit of satisfatory colors, one does not need to restrict
oneself to the "correct" white balance. You've posted a lot of 10D
photos whose color you liked, but do you know if the color was
adjusted on the computer?

On the other hand, most users of other cameras simply use the JPEG
output instead of the raw file, and it makes sense to compare
different camera's JPEG output, but this doesn't apply to SD9. It
is the SD9 users' burden to produce a JPEG or TIFF image out of a
raw file, and this is a very personal and subjective process.
Suppose you see an SD9 photo with unsatisfactory color to you, I
believe in most cases you will be able to achieve satisfactory
color if you have the opportunity to use Sigma Photo Pro to process
the raw file.

BTW, I think all digital cameras have the purple fringe problem to
some extent. This is harder to adjust on the computer, and a
haze-2a filter really helps, but the same thing applies to 10D,
D100, or whatever.



Hi Don,

I think you have a valid point here. Foveon appears to me to be much more sensitive to raw light and overexposes much more easily which in turn often results in a "thin" quality to its color.

However, it's not really a matter of adjusting one color as much as it is changing the quality of the light overall IMHO. One way to do this is with filters. It might take a lot of time in photoshop but there are applications like filtersim where it is a pushbutton operation.

All photography demands operator intervention -- that's why it's an art. If it only took a good camera to take a good picture there wouldn't be any really good photographers because all photographers with appropriate equipment would be great! In other words it's not the camera that is responsible for good pictures but the photographers and photography doesn't end with composition it involves a lot of labwork too whether using chemicals or pixels.


I am so glad you mentioned that it is harder to adjust on the
computer. (Yes it's true, that you can adjust the overall color to
some extent with RAW files, and with Photoshop and another 80
hours, you probably can manipulate any colors in ONE picture) .

However, the Foveon sensor is more sensitive and it makes the
problem mentioned a lot more pronounced than other cameras, which
affect the colors of an SD9 pic severely.

I mentioned on the other thread about the colors of E1, and it's
true that those pics aren't that great and even the Olympus fans
are bashing that camera to its death before relased. But it's the
color reproduction I was talking about, and yes, you are starting
to see people here attacking E1 with lack of sharpness and
blurriness and megapixel etc. I hope they would concentrate on the
excellent colors.

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