Film Photography is Dead Easy with Canon AE-1 PROGRAM an Affortable Full-Frame Camera

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Re: Canon AE-1 PROGRAM Revie Part 2: Photos from my 1st Roll of Film

Miki Nemeth wrote:

They call me Hans wrote:

Okay, I'm a film fanboy, but...what was the point of this? I mean it's one thing if you actually posted the photos that you took with the camera, then it would be a digital photography subject.

You are completely right, Hans. I had no time to complete my review, so I left it half-written; I am sorry for the disappointment.

Anyhow here is the second part, some of the photos I took with the camera.

My very first film shot: breakfast in the office window.

Into the sun near the Danube

My daughter's daughter

The roses near the Parliament building in Budapest.

My daughter told me that there is a special mood, tone, feel of these images, and I agree. I don't need applying any film simulation in post processing any more.

Your comment was spot on, when you mentioned that film photography is eventually a variety of digital imaging, since the film is scanned and printing is done from the digitally scanned image, not with some analog printing process.

The full frame negative is scanned digitally to get a printable or publishable photo. The film is the last analog piece in film photography workflow.

Simply beautiful.  Nice to see these older cameras with great lenses being put to use with modern emulsions and scanning techniques.

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