Lightroom and 5d MKIV

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Re: Lightroom and 5d MKIV

AronQZ wrote:

Adobe's Camera Raw and Bridge probably look at the EXIF and if it's a camera not in their database they spit the dummy. ... like to use an EXIF editor to change the camera name in a raw image file and see whether Adobe's software will read it then.

I have an app on my tablet that reads raw files from the III and I was happy to discover that it reads raw files from the IV without any complaints.

Actually I already tried changing the Exif data in 3 places to the same tags as a 1DX II but no luck. Looking at the 2 raws in hex there seems to be too much else different in the files perhaps for a simple model name swap between these 2 cameras to do that old trick.

Just for viewing on the desktop quickly XNView opens the 5DIV raws no problem for simple previewing.

Looks like Adobe does an extra check. Capture One does open them (although without camera profile of course), after changing the EXIF with exiftool to the 1DX II.

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