Canon 5D IV Focusing System vs 1DX II

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Re: Canon 5D IV Focusing System vs 1DX II

AronQZ wrote:

Is the Canon 5DIV focusing system crippled or underpowered for its individual intended purpose?

Why do people claim the keeper rate for the 1DXII is higher considering it’s the same focusing system mostly and when shooting under similar circumstances?

the 1Dx Mark II has 3 DiGiC processors in it (dual 6+ and a 6), the 5D Mark IV has 2 DiGiC's (6+ and a 6).

it also has a smaller camera shell, and a smaller battery.

I"m surprised people would think that the 5D Mak IV would be as good as the 1 series .. it's the 1 series.. it's always been the best that canon could do.

the 1DX and the 5D Mark III were different. I do believe it was 3 processors to 1.

5D Mark IV board. Interesting to see the size difference between 6+ and 6

and yes.. the 5D Mark III board..

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