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Steviecool wrote:

I'm considering upgrading from my old E30 to the EM1 as I'm heavily invested in Zuiko and Sigma (Bigma) glass. My plan is to eventually completely migrate to the m43 glass as well.

But I had a conversation with a friend the other day which made me a bit unsure. She had told me that she found the EVF on the EM1 was much to slow to focus on birds, or moving objects. I shoot primarily landscapes and wildlife and hearing that made me want to hear other EM1 owners' opinion. I haven't had much 'hands on' time with the EM1...

Do any of you EM1 shooters have issues with the EFV being too slow?

Thanks in advance...

Coming from Olympus DSLRs this is not my experience with birds and wildlife. I own the E-30 and E-5 and find the E-M1 a great performer for wildlife/birds. Its still lacking in top C-AF performance but is still as good as the Oly DSLrs.

The only issue I have is keeping BIFs in the viewfinder but that is mainly user error.

Overall I find the EVF an excellent tool with all the different setting which can be displayed and/or turned off. You can use the Simulated Optical Viewfinder (SOF) if you prefer.

A few things that need attention for a better performance of the EVF and focusing aids:

  • Rec View needs to be turned off so the image being taken is not displayed in the EVF. Page 91 of the Manual, Wrench setup Menu.
  • Release Lag Time to be set to Short. Page 94 of the Manual, Gears Menu C.
  • Have the Diplayed Grid set to cross hair/gunsight in EVF for more accurate focusing. Page 100 of Manual, Gears Menu D.
  • Select a Built in EVF Style that suits you best and turn off some displays you don't use to get an uncluttered view. Bulit in EVF menu, Gears Menu J.
  • Select Frame Rate High to reduce frame lag. Page 95 of Manual, Gears Menu D.
  • Half way Release With IS helps stabilise the view in EVF so you can acquire focus better. Gears Menu C.
  • Use Focus Magnify and Peaking if required. Page 102 of Manual, Gears Manual A.
  • AF Area Pointer is set to On. Gears Menu A.

FWIW  have taken plenty of wildlife/birds images using both 43 lens and m43 lens on the E-M1.

Some galleries here:

The E-M1 continues to impress although the E-M1 mk II is about to be announced in a couple of weeks.



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