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Hi everyone.

I'm on the verge of trading my 5d Mark III for a 85mm g master. I am going to the store tomorrow.

The problem is.

I can't sleep tonight after reading the forums all over the net.

I'm very happy with the A7rii and would love the 85mm gmaster as an addition to a great lineup that I have.

I'm just worried. will I miss having two bodies if I just have one?

i'm planning a trip to europe this January with my whole family and will be the sole photographger. I would be photographing my wife a lot (potraits) and some landmarks.

I am just wondering wheter it's better to have 2 bodies to bring (A7rii + 5d mark iii) and some lenses or a7rii with lots of lenses? Battery life is not a problem as I have 3 batteries and battery packs to charge on the go.

Input are really appreciated as I am planning to buy the bag for the trip. It will either be for 2 bodies or 1 body.

my thought is always go with 1 body. unless you want to walk like a gangsta with camera bling bling on your neck.

unless you like wildlife or birding type photography, bring your 5D. but seems you go with family, i'd like the 85mm. For me DSLR is only useful for long tele photography, birding wildlife etc. i sold my D750, but i will wait for future generation.

bring 2 camera at the same time for traveling is just a headache.

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Bringing two large bodies is a headache. Bringing a small backup can be great. I'm heading to Spain/Portugal this weekend and I'm bringing my A7RII along with my Panasonic GM5. The GM5 with kit lens is smaller and seems lighter than the 55mm f1.8. I think I can handle it.

Going to Italy and Switzerland very soon and taking: A7RII, Batis 18, and my (pretty good) 28-70 "kit lens" along with my RX100M3. I hope I won't hate myself for not bringing more, but my bags are already too heavy.

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Oy. You're probably right but my wife and I are actively trying our hardest to figure out how to lighten our luggage. We will be traveling a lot by train....Maybe I will. My 35 is a Loxia and it's a dense little nugget. I just pulled the 16-35 out of the bag last night with tears and struggling. It's my most used lens, but it's just...so....heavy......

For whatever reason I don't shoot at 35 very often...not sure why. If I took another prime I think I'd rather take the Loxia 21, actually.

I travel to Europe often. I can promise you, you will be perfectly fine with 1 zoom plus 1 prime. Batis 18 plus your kit zoom OR 16-35 plus 55/1.8. If wide-angle is your thing, I would choose the latter option. Many places, streets are quite crowded and you will be happy to have wide angle options.

Also consider flying by Easyjet instead train rides, Saves you time and money.

Thank you. Lucky you to go to Europe often! I go once a year! Haha

I don't really like zooms as I tend to use primes all the time. But I have a 17-40 which is a decent size that i will carry with me. The batis sounds awesome but I don't really like having a Wide lens.

What do you think of the 55mm + 85mm combo then for my Europe trip? Of course the 17-40 will tag along.

I do consider once a year "often" Would probably skip the 55mm if your zoom takes you so close to normal focal range. Unless you need the bokeh for portraits.

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