Will the GH3 ever get focus peaking?

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Re: how to get focus peaking on the gh3

jmeisejr wrote:

dulynoted wrote:

Sell the gh3 to someone that hasnt done any research whatsoever

use the money to buy a g7

now your gh3 has focus peaking, a better evf, 4k, and generally does everything better.

Posts like this just blow my mind. Your attitude and ignorance is absolutely unbelievable. The g7 can only shoot 2160p at 100 Mbps ( 2160p is exactly 4 times the pixels so 4 times the size which equates to about 25 Mbps per quarter frame. I'm sure it doesn't break down exactly like that, but it's probably close enough of an estimate) and 1080p at only 28 Mbps. You have fun with that. I wouldn't even consider trading my GH3 for a g7, it would be completely idiotic....now....a gh4, now we're talking.

The simple fact of the matter is that a g7, while newer than the gh3 is a step down, maybe two steps down from the level of a GH3. Even with it being much newer, it still can't compete on some of the features, while other features of the g7 would absolutely be superior. I'm sorry, but you are just dead wrong....and much more so dead wrong because you clearly don't understand how different situations have different needs. My god...people like you. I even found some of your posts in other threads. You're so angry and you aren't even saying anything useful. Nothing you've said is useful to anyone. Just stop.

Just so that we're all on the same page here, you revived a nearly year-old thread, just so you could insult someone? Are we understanding that correctly? Yes? Ok then...

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