*****Challenge #232: Daylight Photography*****

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*****Challenge #232: Daylight Photography*****

From when I first joined DPReview to today, I have heard the same comment so many times:

That is a very nice picture but would have been much better if you got there at sunrise or sunset. I only shoot early and late. Okay, maybe during the day if there is a tornado.

It is a rule and is meant to be broken. Here and now. In one of my early threads, I asked the all important question: Avoid Daylight Hours? You can read that thread if you wish. It has a few photo examples:


It also has a very nice quote from fireplace33 (Trevor):

Shooting in the sunlight doesn't always work, but YES you can get some effects in the sun that you can certainly use to your advantage:
You can get a sheen on leaves or on the petals which can look good, or
A highlight on say a ripe cherry catching the sun, or
The higher contrast of the object to the shadow areas, or

Sharp shadows of stamen etc. that can look good by showing more of the perspective or depth of the flower.

I found it sometimes helps to use a polariser filter to select what sort of reflections you want to in/exclude.
Also an external flash can help if the sun is in the wrong place
or a reflector panel if you want to shoot with a faster SS.
and, of course, in the sun you get to use a lower ISO which helps too.

The main thing is you see something and try and make your best attempt at creating something artistic, using any of the techniques you personally have available.

For this challenge, all entries must be shot in daylight hours. No sunset, sunrise, stormy sky type shots. Also, the day should be sunny. Clouds may be present, but the sun should not be obscured by them.

The photograph can be of any genre. Landscapes may be the first that come to mind, but, daylight hours favor many other types of photography. Sports and BIF both benefit from high shutter speeds and low iso. I like the bold colors I can get from daytime Flower photography. I also feel I can get very nice Black and White conversions from daylight pics. Any and all genres are allowed.

All processing is acceptable.

While it is obviously easy to shoot fresh images for this challenge (even Seattle is known to have a sunny day on occasion in the summer), Library Images are Allowed back to July 5, 2012, the date of my initial thread.

I feel challenges can go on for too long with no new images posted in the last week so I will limit this challenge to two weeks, ending September 15, 2016.

A few examples:

Just because the day is sunny, that does not mean the sky has to exposed 'correctly':

Or, it can be:

The challenge of getting good reds in full sun:

You can see clouds here but also the effects of the sunshine:

Being able to get 1/2000 at iso 125 can help me in my ongoing battle with my local great blue heron:

Midday in Midtown Manhattan:

And, a sports shot for good luck. A little late for a fall day but still enough light to get 1/1600 on my slow zoom:

In sum:

  • BE SURE to rename the subject line with the TITLE of your entry.
  • Photos must be taken with a Nikon camera.
  • There are no restrictions on post processing.
  • The host chooses the winning image.
  • The winner chooses the next topic and runs the next challenge.
  • Feel free to comment (In a positive way... be polite) on the images.
  • Challenge ends 11:59 p.m., September 15, 2016 CDT
  • Enjoy!  Good luck and good weather!
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