Resurrecting an ancient printer

Started Aug 29, 2016 | Discussions thread
Pete Berry Veteran Member • Posts: 4,495
Re: Resurrecting an ancient printer

Like you, I switched to an iPF5000 from a well used 9900 over five years, but about 10 years ago, then to a 5100 when the 5000 needed new heads after five years - the value of the ink and heads in the new printer basically equaling the new $1500 printer cost, and a full set of 130ml inks to boot, so a no-brainer decision. The 5100 is a noticeable upgrade, with a huge increase in scratch resistance on sensitive baryta surfaces such as Ilford GFS and still great colors.

But the 9900 still sits back under the desk, and your story gives me ideas of reviving it! The blacks on archival matte papers (esp. Ilford's thick but light (very porous) archival matte of the time gave blacks like I've never seen from the 5100 or any other pigment printer - black holes you could simply fall into! And the blacks are what really make the colors pop.  It gave me many winners in regional juried competitions in Florida, including Best in Color. A set of Canon inks is only $65 now at Amazon, so methinks I'll give it a try!


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