Best photo editing software?

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I work professionally on a Mac. PhotoLine.

See my post about PhotoLine saving my JPEGs. Need I say PhotoLine also does a very good job on RAW files?

PhotoLine is a cheap buy, less than $100, yet a hugely capable, 64 bit app. It is built and "marketed" (they actually don't care a damn about marketing!) by two German brothers who are just fanatics for the tightest possible code -- the app comes as a 28.2 MB zip file, which expands to about 70.1 MB. They love what they do, and they make this extremely capable software with every ambition to challenge Photoshop's capabilities (and surpass it in some areas) but no ambitions to challenge Adobe's financial grip on your pocket!

30 day free, full functioning, trial.

Installation on either platform is a cinch -- on the Mac, you just unzip the file and drag the app to your Applications folder. Want to uninstall? Just drag the app to the trash.

You can run it off a USB drive if you like.

They upgrade about every two years (costing about $30, if I remember correctly) but do free point updates in between. The current version is 19.51, so you get the message that it has been around for a while, and it runs on everything from X.6.x up (which pleases me, I continue to stick with X.6.8 -- best OS X ever, I reckon!).

Originally it was built for Windows but switched  cross platform to include Mac 10+ years ago and now it is Mac to the extent that it even uses OS X's text engine in the Mac, and Windows users are pleased with a bit of Mac-ness smoothing out the interface.

It is a little idiosyncratic -- the brothers never talk about an image, everything is "layers" -- but that takes about ten seconds to suss that out and not much longer to get accustomed to. The manual is not that great and occasionally there is confusion because they are engineers and stick to engineers' ideas of things despite howls of protest from us users -- although they are pretty responsive most of the time.

There is an excellent forum in English (check the international section) and German with some very helpful and adventurous users who sometimes leave me totally gobsmacked with their solutions, and the developers intervening occasionally.

While I have been writing this, I have been downloading 19.51 which upgrades the already very good haze filter and adds color to transparency.

I sound like a bit of a fanatic about this and I suppose I am, a bit. I love a good tool -- and PhotoLine has to be among the sharpest tools in the image processing drawer with the bonus of significant vector and text capabilities as a bonus.

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