How to disable fake shutter sound on NEX-3n?

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Re: How to disable fake shutter sound on NEX-3n?

willbueche wrote:

toxicdog wrote:

Okay, today I took the plunge.

I've successfully took apart the back plate of my NEX-3N after removing about 10-12 screws. I've cut one of the two wires connecting the pcb with the speaker.

My device is fully functional now, except it is mute.

It's a huge relief after using it with the annoying fake shutter for months.

It's 2016, Sony never released a firmware update for the 3N that silenced the fake shutter sound. In fact they never released a firmware update for the 3N at all.

I never tried taking apart my 3N but I have another idea.

I wonder if people who have seen the speaker inside the 3N could comment on its viability.

What if a drop of SuperGlue was squirted into the speaker holes? I'm imagining when it dried it would make the speaker surface less able to vibrate, which could make the speaker either sound horrible or perhaps be more quiet. If the speaker surface is flush against the little holes, it might even cause the speaker surface to stick to the shell, which would surely silence it.

Anyone have an opinion? Anyone with an old 3N they are no longer using want to give it a try and report back?

Any circuit boards or anything likely to get hit with the glue?

(I know this would alter all the sounds, not just the fake shutter sound file, but I don't use the audio anyway.)

I have no idea if super glue could stop the speaker from making sounds...

But I just cut the cable and it stopped making that annoying sound, it isn't that hard to pull off :).

Though, the actual shutter sound from the nex-3n isn't that nice.... But at least is better than the fake sound it did before.

I guess sony got tired of over engineering their shutters to make a pleasing sound and just decided to go with a fake sound instead.

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