Do you or would you use an X100/X100S/X100T as your only camera?

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Re: Do you or would you use an X100/X100S/X100T as your only camera?

I also have an XE2(s), a few lenses and an X100T. A couple of months ago I came seriously close to putting my X100T up for sale for some of the same reasons you mention, mainly the different battery/charger issue. I decided to hold off on selling for a while longer because I was afraid I would be sorry afterwards. Now I'm glad I didn't sell it.

However, I don't think I'd be satisfied with having only a camera with a fixed FL, although for me if I had to choose only one FL it would likely be the 23mm. The WCL/TCL conversion lenses would not be a suitable compromise for me, as they would just be too fiddly for me to put up with. If they were bayonet mount vs threaded mount I would think differently.

So now I consider my X100T as my 23mm lens that I don't have to mount onto my XE2. Depending on where I'm going I may take only the X100T, or it with my XE2 and one or two lenses. My wife and I are going to the Grand Canyon area in a few weeks and I am strongly considering taking with me only the XE2, 14, 55-200 and the X100T for 23mm. Less lens changing, and I will have a smaller camera to take out in the evenings or when I don't want to carry an ILC system.

After thinking about the battery/charger situation I now see some advantage to having both systems. I can come back in the evenings and charge both systems simultaneously with the small Wasabi wall chargers. I could even charge the X100T directly with the included cable and my iPad charger.

In summary I like having the X100T for the following reasons:

  1. Backup camera with a very usable FL
  2. 23mm FL to compliment my system without having to change lenses.
  3. Smaller, discreet camera for walking around town(s).
  4. Does a very nice job with landscapes

Good luck with your decision.

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